Outdoor Living: Landscape Design Tips

Outdoor Living: Landscape Design Tips

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Most people hire a professional, landscape designer and sit there with their fingers crossed hoping he will get the job done and you will love the outcome. Hiring a skilled landscaping company to do the landscape installation for you is a smart move, but having the designer do all the work is a different thing entirely. The following are backyard landscape design tips you may consider with your designer. The following ideas were given to us from a company that specializes in landscaping Franklin, TN. These are key design aspects when drawing out a new installation site.

Picture of a backyard patio.
Backyard Patio | Landscaping

1. Outdoor fountain.

Nothing is more relaxing than the sight of water rushing out of a fountain. Whether it’s falling on some rocks, or beautiful plants magnificently, it’s a good idea. A fountain in your backyard will always be something to envy and it kind of makes you feel like you are in a beautiful jungle. Whatever design you prefer an outdoor fountain is simply impressive.

2. Install Pavers.

When you think of a hardscape feature fit for any landscape, always think of garden pavers. It is one of the most used elements of landscaping. Mostly flagstones are used to do the paving as they are better in texture and they blend well with foliage of the plants. The main advantage of using the paving stones is they are lightweight and can be moved without the need of special equipment. Also, paving is low maintenance!

3. Garden benches.

This is another appealing hardscape features for your landscape and is certainly a perfect way to give your garden a great finish. Garden benches are made of marble wrought iron or wood. However, stones and wood are often preferred.

4. Build retaining walls.

Retaining walls are underestimated when it comes to giving your backyard a distinctive and stunning look. Besides holding the soil preventing it from eroding, retaining walls turn steep slopes to an actual significant space. Most people wave off the idea because the cost of constructing the retaining walls can be expensive. However, they are firm and last forever.

5. Use concrete.

Have you ever thought of going for concrete, if not maybe it’s time because it is not as boring as you think. It is a wise decision to use concrete for paving, paths, and driveways as it can be curved into shapes of your choice and also painted to fit your style. Besides, concrete is durable versatile and easy to maintain.

6. Outdoor decking.

After a stressful day at work, all you need is to stretch and relax while having a hot cup of coffee or just watching the sunset. Well, there is no place better to do that than on a deck. Constructing a deck is a perfect way of increasing the value of your home if you ever need to sell.

7. Set up an outdoor fireplace.

A fireplace on your backyard is one of the best ways to make your outdoor living space snug while providing a place to cozy up with your family during chilly weather. Moreover, it is very fashionable and you can get a good view of the sky and the stars while staying warm. Usually, the fireplace is surrounded by comfortable seating that gives the illusion of a beautiful outdoor living room. There are different styles of outdoor fireplaces. It all depends on your taste, how easy it is to clean and most importantly space. Note that for safety reasons a fireplace is best installed by a professional.

8. Construct an outdoor kitchen and barbecue.

How about having a kitchen in your backyard? Fantastic, right? An outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to barbecue as you talk with your friends with zero trips to the house kitchen. What’s more, it is an excellent way to make sure your house remains clean after a party. Outdoor kitchens vary from a fully equipped kitchen to a sizeable barbecue grill. It all depends on how much you want to spend. Moreover, it makes your outdoor space more inviting for guests. Trust me, they will want to come back!


Your outdoor landscape is just like your house, it needs to be able to fit your lifestyle and most importantly your future. Most of the time the designer works to impress you for the moment, but I doubt you will feel the same way when you have to redo the entire landscape three years down the line. The point is, you should have a rough idea of the features you want for your backyard and start sharing them with your designer.


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